Monday Meme

Strawberry Singh posted an Ask Me Anything Challenge the other day, so I yoinked her list of questions to answer for myself. Enjoy! ūüôā

If Linden Lab shut the door on Second Life, what do you think you might do to replace it, or the time you spend on it. Gaming, school, work, reading, other virtual world? 

That’s a tough question! I don’t think there is anything else out there quite like Second Life. I think many of us would search around for something similar and try to rebuild, but I don’t think the same magic would be there. I would need to find another creative outlet for sure.
What would you consider your mission statement for your blog?
My blog has my mission statement. I don’t think it ever will, and I kind of love that. The only plan for this blog is to have fun and write about what interests me in the moment.
What  would you change about your SLife right now if you could just press a magic button and have it automatically happen?
More people, and a bigger social experience. There are so many beautiful places in second life that sit abandoned, which is sad. 
What  topic would you like to see explored in a non fashion blog post? Anything you are curious about and want someone else to do all the research?
I think I’d like to see some blogs focusing on some of the subcultures in SL. Roleplayers, Tinies, etc. And I can’t believe we don’t have a music focused blog, as popular as live music in SL is.¬†
Do you have a point of contact in SL? Someone that a person from your RL knows to contact in case something happens to you or you are unable to get online for an extended period of time?
Not really, although I should arrange for something like that.
What provides you the most inspiration and motivation to keep learning and growing? What keeps you from being held back by the common negativity in SecondLife and elsewhere?
The community. All the blogs, people on plurk and facebook and the forums. As much negativity is out there, there is also people creating and sharing amazing things. That’s so inspiring!
How do you deal with other bloggers (who don’t know you personally) that are spiteful towards you?
Well, I haven’t been back in SL too long so I haven’t had any disagreements with anyone. Maybe that happens more when blogs are in competition with each other. Since mine is pretty freeform, I don’t anticipate any problems.
What is your advice to those that admire you and what you do, hoping to be able to do some of the same things with as much confidence as you often seem to have?
This really doesn’t apply to me since hardly anyone knows me at this point. But my overall answer would be to take inspiration from those you admire, and try to do things that make you proud and excited to share. And most of all – don’t EVER be afraid to try! Don’t ever worry about not being as good as the person you admire. Whatever you do, it should be for yourself first and foremost. Aim to make yourself happy. When you are passionate about what you do, that will show in your accomplishments.¬†
Name  5 favorite events in Second Life. 
(These are in no particular order)
SLegg Hunt
SL Birthday
Twisted Hunt
And for the last one- I’m really excited about that Mix hunt/event that starts tomorrow. I’ve never done that one before.
Name three of your favourite blogs. 

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