Everything Begins Somewhere

Hello, I’m Madalynn. I’ve been in and out of Second Life for quite some time, but after taking a lengthy break, I decided it was time to come back. So many things have changed since I was last active! The introduction of Mesh, more groups than ever before, shopping events, and the latest SL Birthday, which sadly I missed.

Rather than trying to dredge up ancient alts with outdated inventories, it seemed like a good time for a completely fresh start. The idea of starting up a blog is something I’ve been kicking around in my head for awhile. This won’t be like most blogs. I’m not a fashion blogger, and I’m certainly not coming at this with any kind of professional approach, or even a solid plan. Instead.. I think I just want to capture whatever I think is beautiful or interesting. Maybe it’ll be clothes. Maybe it’ll be whatever the hot breedable of the week happens to be. Or maybe it’ll just be an area I’ve stumbled across that I think is pretty and should be shared.

Salt Water_001

Even though I’m not really a fashion blogger, I’ll try to credit what I’m wearing when I can.

Skin: Belleza Ria (Medium)

Hair: Truth Teddy

Dress: Baiastice Lola Dress

Shoes: *Boom* Melody Bow Flats